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Hennemann Elevator Controls

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The spectrum reaches from industrial truck drives which we manufacture in large quantity up to specialised solutions for e.g.: retrofitting lift doors in explosive-endangered areas. Also for your application we will work out a tailor-made solution. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.



The Thor system combines our knowledge of classic lift controller technology and brings it in to the 21st century by using up-to-date micro-controller performance and a modern operating system. The unit has a very compact design that includes a safety chain and safety circuit components (door bridging), right on board.

The hardware used in Thor is based on Atmel's SAMA5D36 Cortex-A5 Micro processor. For today's standards it has a lot of resources and interfaces, with its 256 MB RAM and 256 MB Flash on board, including two CAN-bus controllers and is capable of running an embedded Linux® as operating system. The unit provides two CANopen CiA 417-compatible connectors, 24 call terminals, 230 V inputs for power loss and cabin light supervision, six safety chain inputs (230V or 24V), four pilot relays, one multi purpose relay and an extra relay that can be used for 'fast-start' operation. Thor provides outputs for: Micro-SD, USB-device, USB-host and Ethernet.

Hardware specifications

  • Linux platform 536MhZ Atmel Cortex A5.
  • 2x CANopen-Lift, galvanically isolated interfaces.
  • Ethernet, SD-Card, 2X USB Host ,1X USB device, 1x RS485 .
  • 6X safety circuit inputs, 5× 230V relay outputs.
  • 8× 24V 350mA I/O, 11× 24V inputs.
  • Onboard light sensor, speaker output.
  • Optional galvanically isolated termo PTC sensor input.
  • Optional Safety relay board for door bridging.
  • Optional extra I/O board with 16×24V 350mA
  • 3.2” or an 5” LCD display with capacitive touch

Innovative Software

The THOR platform is an embedded Linux®-based system (Yocto) running on a modern micro-controller solution. The system provides a modern, touch-based graphical user interface, making Thor very easy to operate and to orientate within the system. The application itself features an object-orientated architecture in order to make it easy to adapt the code to all the different doors, drives and encoder systems.

Configuration software

Using Thor in combination with the CANopen-compatible configuration software Toolbox, you easily access the system’s bus network. The Toolbox is a Windows-compatible application that provides access to the CANopen bus, giving the technician an easy way to view and record bus messages in clear readable text form. The Toolbox contains a 'node list' making it easy to check if all bus components are communicating, and provides a graphical way of editing inputs and outputs of active bus components. The Toolbox can 'scan' a CANopen network by using EDS-files from a store and then save the result as a 'snapshot' into a XML file, that can later be loaded again. This makes it possible to hand over a full lift configuration to the office and back. The Toolbox stores the text resources of the user interface of the lift application in all the different languages, and has a debug console included as well.

  • Compatible starting with Windows® 7 and suitable for Windows® 10
  • View and record bus messages in clear readable text form
  • Easily check if all bus components are communicating with a ’node list’
  • Edit inputs and outputs of active bus components in a clear graphical way
  • Save and restore networks via modern XML-based file format.
  • Store Electronic Data Sheet files in one place.
  • Simple testing of I/O functions by using a virtual switch-board
  • Store text resources of the user interface in all the different languages
  • Debug console

YouTube Channel

Get to know the many functions provided by the Thor lift controller. Be in control.


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